Puro Instinct

Hanna Lindborg
Giovanni Duca


Ariel Pink once told Piper and Skylar Kaplan, "Whatever it is that you're doing, don't figure it out." It is obvious they took his advice. As Puro Instinct, the Los Angeles-based sisters produce music that is both relaxed and lucid, developing a feeling reminiscent to that of a hallucinogenic dream.

To start with, you were previously known as Pearl Harbor, but are now Puro Instinct. Why the name change?

Piper Kaplan: The heist became a hustle.

Ha! That explains everything and nothing... So, listening to your record, I find Puro Instinct's music kind of hard to define...

I think someone knows what it is.

What do you mean by that?

I don't stand to gain anything from trying to define it, so it's up to listeners to draw their own conclusions. We make it, they break it.

Point taken. I can, however, explain how it makes me feel, and I love that your music feels both very disorienting and luminous at the same time. Is that intentional?

Most of the time we're not even sure if we're plugged in, so, you know, if we make it that far, maybe.

I’d probably define Puro Instinct sound as "spaced out." Is that a reflection of your personalities or the other way around?

I think it's the first one; I hope it's the second one. It'd be rad if our music had strong enough mind-control capabilities to shape our personalities.

It seems you just let your music carry you... but do you have a clearer idea about your visuals, like music videos?

Yeah, you could say that. We're hoping the video we made for Silky Eyes will encourage young people to get out there and make some mistakes! A purpose.

The Russian New Wave is obviously a great inspiration. Why is that?

I dig a lot of syncretic pop music in general, but Soviet-wave is especially cool to me because of its distinctly ’80s punk/New Ro/Warrior aesthetic. My fave bands like Kino and Talas take influence from a lot of different genres like Krautrock, disco, dub, traditional Russian folk, postpunk, etc. … and channel them into a unique sound that is both beautiful and tough. That combined with DIY analogue production makes for a pretty solid listening experience where I come from.

Have you guys been to Russia?

Not yet, but we'd love to go.

Beyond Soviet-wave, what do you think will be your next obsession music wise?

Good question... Amish dubstep.

So, recently you did a collaboration with Ariel Pink. What has that meant to you?

We get a lot of questions about it... it's always a pleasure to jam with my garrido!

Do you have any other collaborations in the near future? Or anyone you would love to work with?

We have some things in the canon, but I'm not ready to talk just yet. There are a lot of artists we'd love to work with, or at least in the company of... Bill Nelson, Brian Eno, A.R. Kane, Richard Devora... and more contemporary dudes like Secret Circuit, Dan Bejar, and SFV Acid.

With you being from Los Angeles, does the music scene there inspire Puro Instinct in any way?

Skylar is inspired by a lot of LA heavy metal hotshots like Van Halen and Mötley Crüe.

What about you?

Sam Kinison. I've been wigging out and dressing like him a lot lately. Nature walks, Leaving Las Vegas, and herbal speedballs [yerba maté and kava-kava].