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In Progress Mindy Seu

Mindy Seu is an American designer and technologist whose work focuses on public engagement with digital archives. In a world where everything is available online, Seu is working on creating tools that can allow the mainstream to understand the ecology of the internet, as well as learning how to critique whilst moving forward.   I am going to go right in as I find your work so unique and interesting. Why are you so passionate about the intersection of technology and design? You have dedicated a lot of time into research, so intrigued why you love something a lot of people might find confusing and possibly boring. I’ve always thought of myself as medium agnostic. I delve into research and collaborate... Read more Interview

Young Americans BTFL

Founded by long-time best friends Tomasa Calvo and Alejandro Rodriguez, BTFL has become a notable name within the competitive fashion industry. Inspired by an exploration of classic American design and tradition, they have spun the brand to become a unique balance of something beyond what is generally expected in the world of menswear.   I would love to find out from you both, where the passion for fashion came from? Was it childhood or an interest when you were older? Alejandro Rodriguez: Do you want to go first, or do you want me? Tomasa Calvo: I already know you have some queued up, you go. [laughs] Alejandro Rodriguez: Well my interest started when I was a kid I remember, specifically seventh grade,... Read more Interview

Stop Making Sense Oliver Sim

Oliver Sim has become best known as the baritone-voiced bassist of British pop band The xx, but is now forging a parallel career as the dramatic protagonist, with a story to tell. Influenced by his love of film and television, Sim has finally found a space to be confident, and truly be honest with himself.    I don't think I will ever get used to hearing my voice when I transcribe these interviews. It is so weird to hear it back, like another person. It’s like I also never really listened back to my old band's music after we were done. How do you feel about listening to your early music in The xx? Well it's been about 10 years since... Read more Interview

Happen Fast Miya Folick

Miya Folick is a musical force that has become known for her ability to delve into the depths of her consciousness and create music that is all her own. Folick brings to her songs a clear sense of connection that would resonate with anyone who takes the time to listen.   You give me the energy that you have always had a creative persona? I was definitely creative and musical from a young age. I was always making up songs for fun and making up little poems and writing them in my notebook. I think what was interesting was that it wasn’t obvious what I was going to do. My love of music drives my music career, but it is... Read more Interview