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Our Time Militarie Gun

With an absolute desire to not repeat what has gone before him, Ian Shelton of the band Militarie Gun has created a space to experiment and become a truer version of himself. Focused on both social and personal challenges, Shelton is provoking conversations and change.   I am really interested in hearing about your influences growing up. Have you always loved music, or did it develop later in life? I think I’ve always gravitated towards music, especially whatever my family loved. I remember liking Garth Brooks and Elton John when I was really young. I was listening to cassettes in the car and then eventually, the new metal and pop punk era arrived, and that's where I started identifying with music... Read more Interview

Connections Total Luxury Spa

Having an endless amount of projects on his plate, it is impressive how much Daniel DeSure has achieved. From running the streets of Los Angeles, to building a successful creative empire, he has managed to keep his vision true. DeSure’s love of individuality and community is strong, and this passion is most evidently exemplified through his work under Total Luxury Spa.   You are a hard google search my friend. Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? I wish I was harder to find! I think its a luxury not being able to find someones information online. Those days are over I’m afraid. I think my goal for 2024 is to get rid of most of my online... Read more Interview

One Step Beyond Pleasures

Alternate culture is at the centre of Pleasures. Combining a lifelong relationship with music, alongside a zeal for challenging norms, the brand stands out as a unique and forward-thinking brand. Co-founder and designer Alex James maintains an unyielding ideology that cannot be challenged, and with that is working towards building a loud and controversial powerhouse.   We’ve spoken a few times before, but I’ve never asked where you are from? I'm originally from New Jersey, but I spent a lot of time living in Brooklyn, and just running the streets of New York. I guess my fondest memories were going to places like CBGBs when I was twelve, and getting inspired by punk rock music at an early age. I was always... Read more Interview

Mindy Seu In Progress

Mindy Seu is an American designer and technologist whose work focuses on public engagement with digital archives. In a world where everything is available online, Seu is working on creating tools that can allow the mainstream to understand the ecology of the internet, as well as learning how to critique whilst moving forward.   I am going to go right in as I find your work so unique and interesting. Why are you so passionate about the intersection of technology and design? You have dedicated a lot of time into research, so intrigued why you love something a lot of people might find confusing and possibly boring. I’ve always thought of myself as medium agnostic. I delve into research and collaborate... Read more Interview

Young Americans BTFL

Founded by long-time best friends Tomasa Calvo and Alejandro Rodriguez, BTFL has become a notable name within the competitive fashion industry. Inspired by an exploration of classic American design and tradition, they have spun the brand to become a unique balance of something beyond what is generally expected in the world of menswear.   I would love to find out from you both, where the passion for fashion came from? Was it childhood or an interest when you were older? Alejandro Rodriguez: Do you want to go first, or do you want me? Tomasa Calvo: I already know you have some queued up, you go. [laughs] Alejandro Rodriguez: Well my interest started when I was a kid I remember, specifically seventh grade,... Read more Interview 1 2 Older articles »